Industries Serviced

Centaur Security Services provides essential security guards and patrol officer services across various industries to ensure the safety and protection of people, property, and assets. Industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial and Corporate
  • Residential and Gated Communities
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Event Security
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Financial Institutions

On-Site Guard

An on-site guard, often referred to as a security officer or guard, is a professional that can be armed or unarmed, stationed at a specific location to provide security and protection services. The primary role of an on-site guard is to deter unauthorized access, prevent security breaches, and respond to any security-related incidents that may occur within the designated premises. 

On-site guards play a crucial role in safeguarding various environments, including residential complexes, commercial properties, industrial facilities, and public spaces, contributing to the overall safety and security of the premises they protect. Their presence is not only a deterrent to potential threats but also provides a sense of reassurance to the individuals within the area.

Key responsibilities of an on-site guard include

Monitoring and controlling entry and exit points to ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to the premises.

Keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings, using surveillance equipment if available, to detect and prevent security threats.

Conducting regular patrols of the premises to maintain a visible presence and deter potential security risks.

Responding promptly to alarms, emergencies, or disturbances, and taking appropriate actions to address the situation.

Providing assistance and information to visitors, employees, or residents while maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor.

Documenting incidents, observations, and security-related activities in detailed reports for further analysis and record-keeping.

Collaborating with other security personnel, law enforcement, or emergency services when necessary, and maintaining clear communication channels.

Mobile Patrol

A mobile patrol officer, also known as a mobile security officer or patrol guard, is a professional responsible for conducting mobile security rounds and monitoring multiple locations. Unlike an on-site guard who remains stationed in a specific area, a mobile patrol officer actively moves between different sites, providing a dynamic and proactive approach to security. Here is a description of the roles and responsibilities of a mobile patrol officer

Conducts regular patrols of assigned areas, either by foot, vehicle, or a combination of both, to ensure the security and safety of the premises.

Performs unannounced and scheduled checks on various locations to deter criminal activity and provide a visible security presence.

Responds to alarms, security breaches, or suspicious activities, taking immediate action to address and resolve incidents.

Responding promptly to alarms, emergencies, or disturbances, and taking appropriate actions to address the situation.

Maintains detailed and accurate records of patrols, incidents, and observations, creating comprehensive reports for further analysis and documentation.

Interacts with clients, employees, and the public in a professional and courteous manner, providing information, assistance, and ensuring a positive perception of the security presence.

Maintains constant communication with a central control or dispatch center, updating them on activities, incidents, and any security-related concerns.

Conducts thorough security checks on doors, windows, gates, and other access points to ensure they are properly secured.

Additional Services

Consists of a uniformed security office with a marked vehicle that drives through and patrols the entire property on foot, checking for any and all issues. The patrol office will address any issues(s) he/she comes across from trespassers, to parking enforcement, to maintenance

Providing specialized security details for high-profile individuals, celebrities, executives, or dignitaries to ensure their safety and privacy.

Conducting thorough risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for improving overall security measures.

Provides homeowners with the assurance that their property is being actively monitored during their absence, reducing the risk of burglary or other security-related incidents.

Conducting fire watch patrols to monitor and report fire hazards during construction, events, or when fire alarm systems are temporarily out of service.

Monitoring the property being fumigated to prevent break-ins.